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The Marshall Student Center Marketing Department promotes all MSC departments and activities, creates and maintains a favorable image, advises USF student organizations and departments on marketing disciplines, and maintains strong community and media contacts. The Marshall Student Center Marketing Department can help student organizations, USF departments and offices promote their programs or events in the new MSC. There are many options available in the new MSC to promote your event / program:


  • 8 LCD screens which showcase campus events.(These screens will be unavailable for the summer. Learn more here.)
  • Banner space in the MSC Atrium for your promotions.Read More >
  • Note-a-BULL E-Newsletter goes out to all students weekly. Read more >
  • HYPE room helps Student Organizations create / print promotional materials. For more information, call (813) 974-4573.

Flyer Procedures


The posting or taping of flyers on any interior or exterior portion of the building is prohibited.

Registered student organizations and university departments can request that their postcards/fliers be made available at the MSC Information Desk.


  • The flyer should be quarter sized (4.25”x 5.5”).
  • The flyer must be stamped as approved by MSC Marketing (MSC4100) prior to being placed on the Information Desk.
  • Flyers are permitted on the desk for a maximum of two weeks.
  • Flyers for outside vendors/companies will not be approved for placement at the information desk.


Flyers are also permitted to be placed on the Tacky Spot Bulletin Board in the vending area on the first floor of the Marshall Student Center, across from the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement office. Outside vendors may only post flyers on the Tacky Spot Bulletin Board.

Chalking Procedures


Registered student organizations, departments, tenants, or individual students of the USF Community may chalk the sidewalks around the Marshall Student Center. The following guidelines must be met:


  • Chalking is only permitted on the North, South, and East Entrances to the building and the sidewalks surrounding the Marshall Student Center. The Marshall Student Center does not have the authority to grant approval for other sidewalks on campus.
  • Chalking on any area where there is an overhang preventing rain from reaching is NOT permitted.
  • Chalking on the south patio area adjacent to Beef-O-Brady’s is NOT permitted
  • Chalked messages only last two (2) to three (3) days so you might want to plan to chalk the day before of the day of the event for maximum visibility.
  • No chalking within twenty (20) feet from the east and south entrance doors
  • No chalking under the portico on the north entrance.
  • Chalking of interior areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Chalking is NOT permitted on any stairways, landing/patio areas, or any vertical surface inside or outside the building
  • No crayons, markers, or paint are allowed – only chalk (colored or white).
  • “Sidewalk/Chalk Paint” which is a liquid version of sidewalk chalk is NOT permitted because it stains the concrete and can only be fully removed through pressure washing the chalked surface.
  • Click here for a map of permitted chalking areas outside of the Marshall Student Center.